Eddie are baffled while you are Jessica is actually pretty happy, glad you to definitely Eddie’s girlfriend is Chinese

Eddie are baffled while you are Jessica is actually pretty happy, glad you to definitely Eddie’s girlfriend is Chinese

Having Emery’s graduation out of elementary university around the corner, Louis and Jessica propose to machine a post-graduation the-you-can-eat poultry food at the Cattleman’s, with regards to about three sons permitted to offer a pal.

Eddie goes toward university and observes Nicole and you may Alison speaking and you can tells them that he is permitted to provide a night out together so you’re able to dining immediately after Emery’s graduation. Alison is actually 1st thinking about fulfilling Jessica until Eddie informs their one to Jessica manage most likely be troubled together with her as the she wanted your to own an excellent Chinese girlfriend. Eddie decides to invite Alison at our home before graduation therefore, the a couple of women you may ideal knowledgeable about; yet not, the new visitor that comes was a great Chinese lady titled Audrey, just who masquerades due to the fact Alison. Eddie following phone calls Alison, exactly who apologizes and you will says she panicked, and reassures Louis and you may Emery, that has met the genuine Alison prior to, that they don’t misremember and that the latest Chinese girl at the their house isn’t Alison.

Louis informs Jessica that he found Alison and therefore she is great and you will Eddie reaffirms so it of the saying that Jessica want her, to which Jessica replies by inquiring Eddie to do this new mathematics and look how many anyone she enjoys

The very next day in school, Eddie speaks that have Alison and you may she once more apologizes, and then he tells their one to she will be able to been more than tonight and however present the lady properly in order to Jessica. Eddie shows that each of them see Malcolm X, advising Alison one to Jessica is a big fan away from Denzel Washington which he was rescuing the movie to have when he performed things most bad. not, when he appear home with Alison, the guy finds Audrey inside their kitchen to try out Mah-jong that have Jessica and Grandmother Huang, given that Jessica had allowed the woman. Jessica requires who Alison is actually, and you may Eddie, panicking, states you to definitely Alison is a girl Lookout that is selling snacks. Then allows the bathroom liquids work with and you can flees from the toilet screen to help you visit Alison’s home, apologizing getting his impulse prior to going household, advising Alison that they manage be rooted in the event your liquid costs is excessive.

Eddie states he would receive his partner, Alison, who is undertaking at Emery’s graduation, shocking Jessica as the she had no idea Eddie got a spouse

In the Emery’s graduation, Eddie lies alongside Jessica and you can observe given that Jessica tries to call out so you can “Alison”, even when Audrey does not behave. Just after Emery provides a speech and you will praises Jessica to own in search of what is ideal for the lady sons and you can Eddie getting usually becoming truthful and you will talking his mind, each other Eddie and Jessica create a great confession to one another, Eddie claiming that the Chinese lady she understands become Alison isn’t his wife and you will Jessica claiming one to she cannot including “Alison”. Eddie demonstrates to you what the actual Alison performed and you will Jessica claims one to the true Audrey is just too prime, likening the woman in order to tofu, drenching everything you right up and just have zero taste out of her own, and says to Eddie that he deserves a girlfriend that a personality eg him. Jessica following requires which woman is the real Alison, and you may Eddie facts the woman out, and you may Jessica try content when she notices that Alison ‘s the earliest settee for piccolo.

Regarding the wake of the graduation, the household together with Alison head to Cattleman’s, where Jessica try content from the Alison, especially when Alison explains you to the woman is great within piccolo on account of lingering routine and therefore she had chose to discover new piccolo considering the various unclaimed piccolo scholarships. Eddie attempts to spend time having Alison, regardless of if Jessica says to him are a men and get her or him alot more poultry in which he complies. The new Huang members of the family plus Alison later watch Malcolm X within Huang home, although the around three Huang sons flee when Jessica raises new water bill. [36]

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